Haiku by Mel Benson


Folding steel bending

Master sword smith shapes Daito

Indelible strength.


Sleeping in a storm

Watching with my brother

My father guides me.


Wide open maelstrom

Crows gaming in the white sky

Death falls like cold stones.


Greening ever green

Sweet plums drip golden dew drops

Worms warm in the sun.


One thousand fingers

Blinding an opponents sight

One hand curls like death.


My hand is my sword

It strikes with perfect movement

Training gives me peace.


Palms upturned tremble

Fist becomes a stone temple

Inside are my foes.


Wind blowing over sails

Infinity minus one

Finite sword unleashed.


The revenge draws near

Swordsman draws nearly perfect

Drawing nearly lost.



These are special secrets,

A life that was fully lived

…Remembering Mel.

-A.J. Mak.


Early January…Three years on.




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