Art McConnell

Sensei Art McConnell

Trained at John Slocum’s New York Samurai Dojo from 1961-1966. Managed the dojo and took his first iaido lesson in 1964 in Ōmori Ryū from Mr. Slocum who learned from Okano Sensei of Hachioji City, kenkojuku Hambu.


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New Publication

We were honored to have Sensei Art McConnell chosen to be featured in this compilation of veteran martial artists for the 21st century.

This new book authored by Aikido Sensei David B. Nemeroff can be purchased from him directly at (484) 245-0567


Our Locations

Main School
Tozai Sword School
At Empire State Dojo
86 Terry Road, Smithtown, NY
Instructors: Art McConnell / Karl Groeger

Affilate Location
High Bridge Sword Club
At Takahashi Dojo
76 Montauk Highway, Amity Harbor, NY
Instructors: Matt Martini

Sensei Art McConnell

Sensei Art McConnell kicking, then a 19 year old purple belt in the USAF, Nashville Tenn. with Ernie Closson. September 1964.

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