Karl Groeger Wins Grand Championship at Nationals!

I was at the Nationals competition on Sunday August 11th and was judging all day. When it came time for the Black Belt Weapons I decided to grab my gear in the car and compete. I was able to place first. All the first place winners stick around for the Grands. I won the Grands that night as well.

Master Rich Fescina presenting me with the 1st place trophy

Master Rich Fescina and Allie Alberigo Shihan presenting me with the Grand Champion trophy

Sensei Art McConnell and myself at class today



Ken Rymer

Congratulations to Ken Rymer on making SHO DAN. First degree Black Belt! Way to go Ken! 


Sword Seminar Announced

October Sword Seminar

“Entering the Gate”

Hello Everyone,

We will be hosting a very special seminar w/DKBM for our October Sword Seminar. This seminar is open to all students. For more information please email me at karlgroeger@me.com

Sensei Karl Groeger

Sword Seminar Announced


“Penetrating a Cloud”

The Seminar was a HUGE success!

A very special Thank You to Sensei Deborah Klens-Bigman and her students for coming out to see us.

Sensei Deborah Klens-Bigman teaches in Queens and we highly recommend visiting her website.


(Sensie Deborah at another demonstration – photo courtesy of Iaikai Dojo)

Hello Everyone,

We will be hosting a very special guest to the Dojo for our August Sword Seminar.  This seminar is only available to current advanced students.

Coming in September will be hosting our larger seminar, open to all students. More details available soon.

Sensei Karl Groeger

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