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The story of the “The Horror Scope” follows an old school detective as he tracks a psychotic serial killer who seeks revenge on the jury who sentenced him to death.


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The Ronin Soldiers Diary
by Art McConnell


Price: $15.00
Books can be autographed and personalized by
Sensei McConnell at no additional charge

Sharing his background and experiences, the author guides you through this special time of Martial Arts wars and Zen peace which he began to research in 1970 when one of his brown belt students brought McConnell to the Daihosatsu Zendo in Manhattan. New York, where he met Zen Master Edo Roshi. and began to sit zazeii meditation. In 1977, Art visited the temple at Beecher Lake in the Catskill Mountains in upstate New York. Then ten years later, McConnell returned there to film scenes for his period film, Zen Gold.

He continues to study Iaido (way of the sword) under Master Otani Yoshiteru. founder of the N.Y. Budokai, where alumnus such as actor Peter Weller of RoboCop fame trained during the 70’s and John Driver, who played on Edge of Night. McConnell is a licensed Sword Instructor ranked 5th Dan and also an avid weapons competitor. He visited Hachioji City, Japan in 1971 where he trained with Master Okano Tomasaburo in Shotokan karate.

Special photographs are contained in The Ronin Soldier’s Diary along with many illustrations relative to the storylines presented therein. The three primary artists were also Black Belt Instructors.

McConnell has lived for the past ten years in Northport, Long Island with his wife Evelyn an RN/LMT Children’s Karate Instructor, and their young daughter Marie, named after Art’s mother, who he lost in an accident in 1951 but who has been an undying inspiration in his life.

The Ronin Soldier’s Dairy is a lexicon of cutting edge philosophy held up to the minor of the contemporary world and modern society. In it, McConnell shares his trip through the Martial Arts garden of poison flowers with readers young and old alike. The Path awaits.., take the journey.


In this book, Art McConnell gives us a poetic exploration of the Samurai of the east and the Sages of the west in a rich selection of writings which takes the reader on an adventure that will draw you into a fascinating time of no time.
Philip Ortiz, President of Budokai

Art McConnell provides us with an intelligently sensitive insight into eastern concepts, imprinting images into our western mind. We go deep into ourselves as the simple expressions in these spirited tales point to our fragility.  We learn about our soul at the insistence of the author.
Joyce Santamaria, Empire State Karate School, Empire State Nationals

“The Ronin Soldier’s Diary” lets our spirits soar back in time when the world was ruled by a code; the code of the soldier — the code of Bushido. Sensei McConnell truly has an old soul. This unusual written collection will be enjoyed by poetry enthusiasts, martial artists and anyone who has yearned to know of the secrets and insights of the cherished sword of the ancient Samurai warriors.
Respectfully, Karl C. Groeger

‘RSD’ is a book that has been purchased by many people that have entered my store. A great majority of these people have nothing but good things to say about the book, written by one of Long Island’s well known instructors who has been actively teaching since 1966. This book would be a great addition to any martial arts library.
Gary Mar, Island Martial Arts Supplies






4 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Jim Asaph
    May 05, 2011 @ 04:05:07

    Please extend a sincere “hello” to Sensei McConnell. I am a former student from the 1970’s, when I was on Long Island, NY. In browsing through this website, many memories resurfaced, back to the days in which I developed during my younger life, into the individual that I am today.
    To Sensei McConnell, “Ous!”

    Best regards,
    Jim Asaph


  2. Robert Greshes
    Oct 28, 2011 @ 18:49:39

    Dear Sensei McConnell:
    I briefly studied under you at your Imperial Dojo in Suffolk County. You were an upstanding, highly principled individual who truly loved the martial arts and preached respect for others and the way of gentleness.
    Thank you for influencing me in a positive way.
    Rob Greshes


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