Reflections of My Life

Lou Correa grew up in Queens, was an active altar boy in the Catholic Church and graduated from Westinghouse High School. In 1967 he joined the United States Air Force and served as a mechanic in Vietnam.

He opened his first dojo in Oakland, CA, in 1970. His gift of teaching Shotokan inspired many before he moved to Long Island to open a Samurai Dojo there. Sensei Correa enjoyed horseback riding, sailing and hobby trains.

Reflections of My Life

By Lou Correa

My life most certainly has been one hell of a TRIP. Pushing 65 years, I have been reflecting on my experiences of the years gone by. A true story but hard to believe.  I was born in Rockaway Beach during a full moon on September 1945 at 3:00pm. My great grandfather owned a barbershop in Harlem, it was a lucrative enterprise I was told as he was Enrico Caruso’s personal barber. His love of opera caused him to name his children Aida, Celia and Enrico.

I was raised by my nana, my biological father divorced my mom when I was about three or four. I have vague memories of him. Mom’s side of the family wanted nothing to do with my biological relatives, me being the outlaw that I am, I wanted to know the Spanish side of my heritage. My mother remarried when I was nine to a man I loved dearly, he married my mom who had two kids, God bless him. She passed away at the age of 85, still my Popas (as I refer to him) is still kicking in his early 90’s. If I could have chosen a father it would be him. Popas was a blue collar worker, a mechanic. He was a good provider, we never wanted for anything.

From an obscure blue collar background to international recognition as a superstar in Japanese Martial Arts to sailing the seas of three oceans to handling Lipson stallions from Woodstock to Berzorkey. These are roads I have travelled, including hopping the islands of the Pacific to visiting Vietnam, Okinawa, Philippines, Guam, Wake, Midway Islands, Thailand and Tijuana Mexico. ‘Life is but a dream within a dream, yesterday is gone but tomorrow is blind.”

I lived one day at a time!!



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  1. Larry Tumminello (NY Samurai Dojo 1965)
    May 29, 2012 @ 20:42:17

    Hi Art,

    I just read REFLECTIONS OF MY LIFE by Lou Correa and You and in it there is mentioned Lou’s MEMOIR MANUSCRIPT about the Samurai Dojo. Do you know if a copy of that MANUSCRIPT is available ? I’d love to read it. Please let me know. Thanks – Larry Tumminello
    AND You remembered correctly that Lou won that fight when he injured his hand in that GoJu against US Tournament. The GoJu guy didn’t know what hit him when Lou Launched His Attack with one hand behind his back !!!!


  2. Bruce
    Sep 02, 2012 @ 18:38:44

    Yes Sir My name is Bruce Hunsaker I have just found out about sensei Correa.
    I was from Rocky Point Dojo. Do you have anymore of what Lou wrote. Say hello to Daniel ( weed hopper )


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