There are many openings for opportunities in life. Some are obvious and some, more subtle.  But, in fact, some become something much, much more.

I met Lou Correa (Sensei) on a warm day in 1984, with a friend who became one of his 1st L.I. black belts, Joey Lolis. We took a ride to one of Rocky Point’s local beaches and began ranting about martial arts.

I had minimal training in Judo from the Cross Island YMCA, in Hollis Queens and had become obsessed with Asian arts and cultures (with a lot of inspiration from the Shaw Bros & Akira Kurosawa ~We miss you Mifune Sensei!) With this, Correa Sensei had me, like clay to a sculptor.

I asked a lot of layman’s questions, which he readily answered with added details.   Months pass…

I saved enough scratch with a gas station job, and I ventured up to 25A in Rocky Point to Samurai Dojo. As I got closer to the school I could hear screaming, then what sounded like someone falling down a flight of stairs. I crept up to peek through a window to witness two young men, in what seemed like a heated battle: a purple belt, trapped in a corner, and a brown belt pummeling over him. This was Bruce Huntsacker.

I looked at Sensei to see if he would put a stop to the massacre, but he only moved around to gain better vantage points.  I crept away from the window, and walked back home thinking “Are you sure you know what you’re getting yourself in for?” I returned a week later and have been “living in the ways” ever since.

I am a member of Samurai Dojo. It was here I became an instructor in years to come, until I was called by the west coast and training in various other martial arts.

To anyone who cares, I’ve never found a better karate instructor who could match the level of intense martial arts instruction Lou Correa possessed and provided to me. Granted, our personal relationship was rough at times (to say the least), but I always held my Sensei as my “very difficult father” and loved him as such. His charismatic personality and genuine love for all martial arts, is a continuous inspiration for me to this day – even in death he leads me on new paths which are, in reality, old paths which were laid for me long ago.

I met Art McConnell  (formally) at Correa Sensei’s memorial service last year. I have been a deshi of Tozai Iai-Kai ever since.

Once again, Correa Sensei,

Domo Arigato Gozaimasu!

From the bottom of my heart.



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  1. Bruce
    Sep 02, 2012 @ 16:50:12

    Hey my friend long time ,



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