Welcome to the home of Tozai Iai Kai.

Dear Fellow Martial Artists,

Thank you for viewing our new website. We will be adding even more pictures and videos soon. We will also be selling our new instructional Iaido Videos.

I have been teaching Martial Arts for 50 years and Iaido for 35 years and welcome your interests. We always welcome new students who are interested in learning THE WAY OF THE SWORD.

This is an interactive blog and look forward to your comments and questions.

Sensei Art McConell

Chief Instructor: Art McConnell, 5th Dan

The Tozai Iaido School is run by Sensei Art McConnell.


Art McConnell has trained in the Martial Art of Japan and China since the early 1960’s.  He is the chief  instructor of the Tozai Iai Kai, graded 5th dan and licensed to teach by Master Yoshitheru Otani, founder of N.Y. Budokai.

Mister McConnell has written “The Ronin Soldiers Diary” and produced a period film called “Zen Gold” .  He has taught Japanese Sword and Jodo classes for many years at the Empire State Dojo in Smithtown, NY.  Teaching from Shohato’ to combined spirit forms drawn from five Ryu, for self practice and competition.


Popularly known as “the art of drawing the sword”, Iaido is the contemporary legacy of the samurai of feudal Japan. A professional warrior class, both samurai men and women practiced warrior skills. Hayashizake Jinsuke Shigenobu is considered the legendary founder of Iaido as a concept and practice distinct from swordfighting in the 16th century, paralleling the development of a unified country. After Japan was finally unified under Shogun Tokugawa Ieyasu early in the 17th century, the samurai combined their war skills with their interest in Zen philosophy and spiritual refinement. The combination gave samurai a venue for practicing their skills with a sense of Zen mindfulness.



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  1. Karl Jr.
    Jul 25, 2010 @ 19:07:09

    Congratulations Sensei on the new site. Looks good! See you at class on Sunday.


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